Tailored Design

Creating the jewel of your dreams

The private and personalised service of commissioning a bespoke jewel at Star Diamond gives clients access to world-class design talent along with diamonds and gemstones of the highest calibre.

Each jewel is an opportunity for a client to express their individuality. After an initial consultation, Star Diamond presents the client with a detailed design proposal as well as several alternatives. Star Diamond’s dedicated team then collaborates closely with the client, meeting either in person at the showroom, over the phone or at the location of the client’s choice. Each detail is customised to bring life to the client’s ideas and inspiration in order to make the jewel of their dreams a very precious reality. 

Through state-of-the-art technology, clients can view a 3D rendering of the piece which is then made into a model, with clients participating as much or as little as they desire in the process. When the bespoke jewel is complete, it is presented in a specially designed box together with detailed design drawings and diamond and gemstone certificates - a bespoke and truly personalised masterpiece designed to last for generations.

Star Diamond’s passion for quality and design have resulted in a number of exceptional one-of-a-kind pieces.